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Thursday, 28 May 2015

Comprehensive Motor Insurance cover

Having Comprehensive cover for your motor vehicle is better as it offers the widest scope of covers, among all other types of motor insurance covers, while it leaves room for a number of rights and privileges. It is the most protective motor cover, giving drivers the peace of mind while going around their business endeavours.

It is minimum requirement by law in Nigeria to have at least third-party insurance. This means that you are insured against any claims made by drivers and other road users whose vehicles are damaged in an accident that was your fault. If you want to protect and make a claim for your vehicle in an accident, then Comprehensive cover is the insurance policy to choose.

Comprehensive vehicle insurance is not required by law, but it is a good idea to take one depending on the value of the car you are driving. Having Comprehensive cover allows the policyholder to claim from his insurer for accidents that occur as a result of his faults and also when fault cannot be established against him or another person including if you return to your parked car and find it has been damaged by an unknown vehicle.

  • Theft and vandalism - will protect you from the damage done to your car by someone else, when someone breaks in to your car to steal your things or the car itself.
  • Fire - caused by explosions, self-ignition and other natural and accidental causes.
  • Natural disasters, including hurricanes, lightning and storms - Natural calamities such as hailstorms, flood, hurricanes, lightning, and high wind can cause serious damage to your car. In such cases, the cost of material and labour required to fix the vehicle will be covered.
  • Falling objects - will protect you from the damages occurred in your car as a result of falling objects like a tree, or debris from a construction site.
  • Animals - Damages caused by striking an animal with your car, when an animal or bird flies in to your car and causes damage.
  • Miscellaneous - Other cases like, explosion, self-ignition, and towing charges incurred after an accident are also covered under comprehensive auto coverage.

Comprehensive car insurance is optional and most people decide not to purchase this in order to minimise premium cost. But a driver needs to consider all options and risks he is facing using the car before deciding whether to get a comprehensive cover or not.

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