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Thursday, 18 December 2014

Burglary insurance is necessary

Burglary insurance is necessary

When your home is invaded by unwanted strangers, it is the worst experience ever. Having a burglar go through all your personal belongings is a nightmare which you never want to live through again.

There are a few thing that can be done to avoid your house from being burgled and making your home safer.

Remembering these simple five things can prevent a burglar from entering your home:

·         Always lock all your doors and windows when you leave the house including those on the top floors
·         If possible install an alarm in clear view of the public walking by your house
·         Its best to install motion-sensor lights around your home
·         Keep any ladders locked up so they can’t be used by burglars
·         When you go on holiday, make sure your home does not look like you are away. So maybe keep your car in the driveway, leave your lights on timers and get someone to mow your lawn while you’re away.

It is also very important to have burglary/theft insurance. A theft insurance policy would usually cover loss or damage resulting from theft or attempted theft. It can be with actual forceful or violent entry into or out of your home or any attempt at that place or time.

When taking out burglary insurance, be sure to read the policy properly, as in Nigeria the criminal law of the country does not state clearly of an offence called burglary. So it is very important for the insurers to lay down in the policy the definition of the term. As normally understood burglary is:

(a) Theft of property from the premises following upon felonious entry of the said premises by violent and forcible means.

(b) Theft by a person in the premises who subsequently breaks out by violent and forcible means provided there shall be visible marks made upon the premises at the place of such entry or exit by tools, explosives, electricity or chemicals. Use of force may be against property and person.

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