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Thursday, 11 June 2015

Protecting your money

Every business needs complete protection against potential loss. All businesses handle money in some form, whether it may be cash, cheques, credit card slips, bankers’ drafts and in transit, making it important to take out money insurance policy.

There are many ways a business could make unexpected loss with money:

1.    There is also the possibility of money being stolen or missing while on the premises from the till or a locked box or a safe.
2.    There is also the chance of the money being stolen on your way to the bank from your vehicle.
3.    You may have taken the money home with you with the intention of banking it the next morning and your home could be burgled.
4.    Worst case, the money being stolen from the night safe at the bank.

The best way to protect your businesses money is to take out money policy. Money insurance policy is designed for small businesses, many of which provide cover for loss of money. The policy is tailored for all types of businesses from landlords, shops, pubs and restaurants to hotels, offices, surgeries and home offices.


Why consider a money policy?

•        Essential protection of financial assets
•        Protection for employees and others who transport monies
•        Peace of mind security, minimising disruption to your business
•        May cover exclusions from other fire insurance policies


What a Money Policy covers:

•        Money in transit to and from banks, carried by insured or employees
•        Personal assault cover
•        Money on business premises, in or out of safes
•        Personal and safe damages
•        Cover for money in the home of employee or director
•        Cover for money in safety deposits

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